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LEAD SET 9mm V8 90deg/STR BLUE
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LEAD SET 9mm V8 90deg/STR BLUE

Price: $96.00 (excl GST)

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Eagle's Blue 9mm Universal Spiral wound Eliminator V8 Lead set with standard (non HEI) 90 degree ends on the distributor & straight spark plug boots. Eagle Eliminator Series I ignition leads withstand high heat and deliver maximum voltage to the spark plugs with 1300 ohms per metre wire whilst emitting virtually zero radio frequency interference (RFI). Silicone on silicone fibreglass braided 260ᄚC jackets with Spiral wound stainless steel over ferrite coated kevlar inner conductor. 260ᄚC high temp modified silicone spark plug boots with finger grips specifically designed for easy on easy off fitment and removal (where applicable). E.P.D.M high dielectric strength distributor and coil boots. 304 stainless steel spark plug terminal fitted with hi-memory spring clips for positive terminal retention at at all RPM's. Four computer designed insulation anchors on each spark plug terminal 180ᄚ style ensures bullet proof terminal to cable holding power.