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LEAD SET 8.5mm 90deg / STR (multi) HEI & STDLEAD SET 8mm V8 90deg/90deg RED

LEAD SET 8.5mm 90deg HEI & STD RED
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LEAD SET 8.5mm 90deg HEI & STD RED

Price: $192.00 (excl GST)

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MSD's 8.5mm Super Conductor universal V8 red ignition lead sets have a special helically wound core that has just 40-50 ohms of resistance per foot but with an RFI suppression equal to a 1500 ohm wire. A tough 8.5mm synthetic/silicone jacket over an extra-heavy glass braid and dielectric insulator keeps the current guided to the plugs. Underneath the high-temperature multi-angle plug boots dual crimp stainless steel terminals feature snap-locks to ensure a secure fit.