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IGN AMP MSD 6AL is now MSD6425
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IGN AMP MSD 6AL is now MSD6425

Price: $478.00 (excl GST)

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The MSD 6AL ignition is the ideal choice for street or race. The capacitive discharge produces multiple sparks up to 3500rpm and long duration spark higher ensure complete combustion of the air/fuel mixture to increase power and performance. The soft touch rev limiter will protect your engine from overrevving. Adjustments are easily made with plug-in modules at your selected rpm the limiter drops the spark to some of the cylinders and on the next revolution those cylinders are fired to prevent fuel fouling. The result is a smooth and accurate rev limiting without backfires. The Soft Touch Rev Control allows you to add rpm accessories like a two step rev controll. They'll work with almost any 4 6 or 8-cylinder vehicle with a distributor (Even-fire only on V6). Operates on 12-18 Volt systems (Minimum Operating Voltage 10 volts). Rubber shock mounts and modules for 3000 6000 7000 and 8000 rpm included. 8in long by 2-1/4in high by 4in wide.